Ocean Glapion Headlines The Ontario Improv

This Thursday, March 1st!  Ocean Glapion returns with an awesome line up to The Ontario Improv at 8pm!  Don’t pay online or at the door, when you can get on the free admission guest list!  Just go to http://www.freecomedyshows.com/ and click RSVP at the top of the site to get on the list…

Also, this Wednesday, 2/29 at 8pm, we have Jason Collings headlining Sardo’s in Burbank!   Get a coupon for 10% off your check when you RSVP for the Sardo’s show online.  2 awesome shows…  Bio’s below!

One of the nicest guys in comedy” OCEAN GLAPION Originally a native to New Orleans culture, his comedic passion and talents were fueled by iconic influences such as Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, and Richard Prior. Ocean returned to his roots of Louisiana to lay the foundation of his career path as an actor and comic, studying theater at Xavier University. Driven and currently calling Los Angeles home, you can find Ocean nightly on the Stand up circuit and performing around the county. Ocean has already partnered the stage with heavy hitters, opening for Martin Lawrence, featuring for Tony Rock, Damon Wayans and appearing on BET’s “One Mic Stand”, as well as TV One’s, “Black Men Revealed” with host David Arnold. In the works and on the hot plate Ocean has and independent film, as well as a pilot “The Comedy Playground”, and a series of commercials for Match.com. Keep your eyes wide open, for OCEAN GLAPION coming to a town near you!

Jason Collings spent his youth growing up in the heart of Long Beach, CA with his identical twin brother, mom and dad. During his elementary days, Jason was known for being a bit of a jokester. This passion for humor only intensified as he reached his teen years. Lacking focus, Jason’s father put him into martial arts at age 12. Jason later went on to compete in tournaments and win several local and national 1st place titles. He gained prominent status in the fighting word and eventually trained side by side with Royce Gracie. When other stand up comedians were beginning their careers, Jason, at age 21, was opening his own Martial Arts School. As his passion for Martial Arts grew, so did his passion for comedy. He began idolizing comics like George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Jim Carrey. He would breathe in every ‘special’ he could get his hands. He began to wonder if he too could be a stand up comedian. This dream became more practical when the gravity of reality struck at the heart of his career. At age 34, Jason sustained a major leg injury during training and he was told that he would never run again. Jason found his career in Martial Arts coming to a screeching halt. At age 35, after a long recovery from surgery, Jason knew he needed to consider a new career. While continuing to run a successful school, he decided to look up his first and long time love, comedy. He began writing material based on his life experiences, his family and his two boys. Unknowingly, Jason’s ultimate decision to step on stage would rest on one more pivotal moment. In 2006, Jason’s father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Knowing that it may be his father’s only chance to see him on stage, Jason made it his purpose to find a decent venue. He convinced a local Hollywood club to give him stage time, saying that he had been doing it for several years. 15 Minutes later, Jason found his purpose. The club made him an instant weekly regular never knowing that he fibbed his way in the door. Like 99% of all other comedians, Jason has always had a love for comedy. It has been in his heart since he was just a small boy. The 1% percent that makes him different is that in only 3 years time, he has sky rocketed ahead of the pack. Starting his career at age 35, he has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in comedy. He has toured with Jo Koy and most recently, Carlos Mencia. He is a well known regular at major comedy clubs including The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House, The Punchline and The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. Jason’s unique brand of observational humor and his ability to paint a picture with his physical comedy will have you falling out of your seats and begging for more. “All I care about is being on stage and doing comedy.” Jason Collings