RSVP Now! 2nd show added next weekend… June 12th at 10pm

First off, thanks for all the RSVP’s to the 8pm show!  We have about 24 more spots on the V.I.P. guest list for the earlier 8pm show at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club with headliner Charles Fleischer.  If you are looking to get on the guest list for the 8pm show, Email us as soon as possible!  This show will sell out.  Charles is a comedy legend!  He’s been in many TV shows and movies, and is best known as being the voice of Roger Rabbit!   Citywalk is the perfect place to be next weekend for either of these 2 shows!  Avoid the ridiculous traffic that gay pride weekend will create in Hollywood and enjoy an awesome FREE show, or shows up at Universal Citywalk!

As mentioned in the title, we now have some VIP slots available for the 10pm show, right after the Charles Fleischer show, with headliner Chris Simpson.  This show also has a fantastic line up!  Chris has Worked with George Lopez, Damon Wayons, Chris Tucker, Jeff Garcia, Shawn Wayans, Faizon Love, Carlos Mencia, appeared, featured or headlined every major club.  He will be headlining the 10pm show Saturday, June 12th up at Citywalk.  Get on the guest list for this show by Emailing us with your name and how many people you have in your party.  You may attend both the 8pm show with Charles Fleischer and the 10pm show with Chris Simpson if you get on both lists.  They will ask you to leave the club at 9:45 so they can clean up, then they will let in for show number 2.  So get on the list(s) as soon as you can!  Also…. Get $7 valet parking for the first 3 hours with club validation!